Nat Blooms is a singer and original Artist, her voice is steeped in Gospel, Soul, Jazz, Folk, Pop and classical richness. 

Creative, playful and raw, Nat is like the wild strawberry fields she grew up playing in with bountiful music to quench your thirst.


“There is something magic about music, about song, about connecting with people through what you can share with your voice and performance and just let go and become a vessel. I'm still learning how to do this...I'm just a girl trying to be a musician."

Nat Blooms.

They love it!

“Vocals are strong and powerful...soulfulness in her voice...talented singer/songwriter who has a distinctive voice.”

Planet Music Review, London.

“Nat has her own style, own voice...really unique.”

Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1.


“Blooms is bursting with creation and so much talent, you will not meet another like her.”

The Vintage Emporium, Brick Lane, London.