N A T. Blooms
British Fine Artist & Illustrator

About N A T.

Born in the Kent countryside. Lives and works in London.
 From the age of 17, Nat has been exhibiting and selling work in various locations in and around Manchester, London and Europe.



"I really love Blooms' work, it's fun and makes people feel good...it's quite graphic designy."

Review by CEO, Frieze Art Fair.

“Nat’s work… is socially curious, expressive, quirky drawings, bright, reflective, honest and is rooted in art history, drawing and direct mark-making ‘by hand’. But it’s defiantly contemporary, delivered fast in a world where time itself is fast becoming the most precious of non-renewable commodities.

It’s quirky in tone and appearance, often, utilising impulsive text, and captures
‘the moment’ in real time.”

Review by Tim Birch, City Life Magazine.

“Nat’s style is bold and energetic. She uses vibrant colour and a simple drawing technique to evoke a strong response from the viewer. She aims to challenge people’s perceptions of everyday life through her often humorous response to the world around her. Nat’s work explores subjects as diverse as the inescapability of the slugs of Manchester City through to the inscrutability
of the Godfather film and icon.”

Review by Tanja Yaeger, Imitate & Artzu.